Apartments and High Density


Santa Clara Square Apartments (City of Santa Clara)

CEA was contracted by The Irvine Company as the Master Developer for the 33 acre Santa Clara Square Project as well as the Apartment Site Development.  The Apartment project included 7 Apartment Buildings with approximately 1,800 units.  CEA completed the entitlement and construction drawings for the project and are completing the construction staking for the last phase of the project.


Parkview Towers (City of San Jose)

This project was originally entitled in 2016 to include 215 apartment units in 2 towers, 6 townhome units, 11 commercial spaces and relocation and reuse of the existing church building with subterranean parking.  

Currently the project is being re-entitled.


The Benton (City of Santa Clara)

5.75 acre site, including public street vacation and associated utility relocation.  Street vacation process included  relocation of a 24" water main and relocation of a 72" storm drain line within CalTrans Right of Way.  This mixed use "wrap-style" building will provide commercial uses along with 355 apartment units.


The Graduate (City of San Jose)

This 1.5 acre site off-campus student housing project will provide 260 units located within one block of San Jose State University.  The 19-story development will provide mixed use facilities as well as the amenities desired by today's student.

Single Family Residential


The Abbey at Palmdale Estates (City of Fremont)

This redevelopment of a 15 acre property originally owned by the Sisters of the Holy Family included 81 new single family homes, 3 cottages containing 47 senior assisted units which will house the Sisters.  The project also retained 5.4 pristine acres of rolling lawn and trees as a public park.


Patina (City of Union City)

This project was a traditional 45 Single Family lot development of a former 8 acre school site.  The project thoughtfully developed around and enhanced the existing City of Union City Veterans Park with new Public streets and associated landscaping.  


Easy Street (City of Mountain View)

This small 1.4 acre site was artfully developed with 21 single family homes.  Built around a central courtyard park, this development demonstrates how smart site design and appropriate architecture can provide attractive single family development with density. 


Orinda Grove (City of Orinda)

Nestled into the Orinda side of the Berkeley Hills, the Orinda Grove development contains 73 single family and duet residences, publicly owned softball/baseball and soccer fields and a 10,000 SF Orinda Union School District building.  This pedestrian oriented 14.5 acre development was built into the hillsides and contains approximately 60' of elevation drop across the developed area.  

Multifamily Development


Residences at Railway (City of Campbell)

This development in downtown (1-block from a light rail station and 2-blocks from downtown) combined 32 townhome units, 6 duet units 

and a 119 unit podium apartment building.  

The varying product types and build times required CEA to work closely with the two builders involved in the project to ensure 

seamless construction operations and delivery schedules.


Stewart Village (City of Sunnyvale)

Built in 3 phases, this project consists of 13 walkup style apartment buildings and 16 duplexes totaling 259 dwelling units.  Site includes full amenity/leasing space with pool and supporting facilities.   Located within the City of Sunnyvale Industrial to Residential (ITR) District, the Site is adjacent to the former AMD Headquarters which is currently being developed with construction staking and construction administration being provided by CEA.


Madison (City of Campbell)

Just to the northwest of the Residences at Railway project listed above is the 118 total unit Madison project.  Comprised of  28 apartment homes and 90 townhomes, Madison is nestled along the banks of Los Gatos Creek providing a substantial yet quaint community close to downtown.


Karlstad (City of Sunnyvale)

 This compact 18 unit condo project is comprised of 4 buildings surrounding a central motor court and parking area.  Efficiently designed to accommodate private rear yards on approximately half of the units, this project provides both density and the feel of independent private space.  

Commercial, retail and mixed use


Mowry Commercial Center (City of Fremont)

This thriving center at the corner of Mowry and Paseo Padre in Fremont, contains an approximately 40,000 SF grocery store building and an approximately 13,000 multi-tenant building.  This project and the landing of its major tenant was a major win for City of Fremont and it's Officials.  


Self-Storage Facility Redevelopment (Various)

CEA is currently working on potential redevelopment of a number of Bay Area facilities.  CEA is assisting the development team looking at phasing of these projects and looking at the potential impacts related to accessibility, new stormwater treatment requirements, grading and utilities among other things.  


Santa Clara Square Mixed Use (Santa Clara)

Two of the seven apartment buildings at Santa Clara Square (SCS) front onto Coronado Place (the Main Street of the SCS Development).  These buildings contain approximately 40,000 square feet of retail space and share frontage with the adjacent SCS Retail Shopping Center.  Scheduled to open in mid to late 2019, this area will provide a vibrant center to this mixed use development.


San Carlos Transit Village (City of San Carlos)

This project centers around a new transit plaza space built around the existing historic Caltrain Station.  This 7 building development fronting El Camino and straddling Holly Street is an extension of downtown San Carlos and includes 280 residential units and approximately 30,000 SF of commercial space.  

This transit oriented development is scheduled for completion in late 2019.

Public Works, Civic Projects and Parks


North San Pedro Street Realignment (San Jose)

The North San Pedro Street Realignment project was completed for the City of San Jose Redevelopment Agency / CSJ Successor Agency (SARA).  The project included roughly 14 acres of existing street and utility infrastructure. It removed the Julian Street "S" curve and reverted back to the original CSJ grid block pattern.  The new alignment resulted in approximately 1050 residential units and commercial development within the newly developed blocks. 


Pellier, N San Pedro and Bassett Parks Project (San Jose)

 CEA is teaming up with SWA Group to provide the civil design for a park development project just north of downtown San Jose.  The project will be developed for the City of San Jose and will include community meetings, planning sessions and construction of 3 separate parks.   

City and Agency Consulting

 CEA has provided Plan Review, Map Review, Construction Inspection Services, Design  and Consulting Services for numerous agencies across the Bay Area.